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Rehearsing a Malone original, Alex plays a bass riff drawn from some of the earliest reggae recordings and Edwin creates a real world of cash free sound transactions.

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Written by Freddie Mercury for the 1977 Queen album News Of The World, Alex and Gareth performing here live:

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An atmospheric recording about staying out in the city lights with someone you find fascinating, and swimming.

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This one's about attempting to remember to appreciate what you have, while you're still sure you have it. 


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Have you ever been in love? Broken up, regretted it? Neither have we and we don't know what this song is about but the video was shot at the iconic Sydney venue The Vanguard by award winning cinematographer Cordelia Beresford. Performing on stage are long-time Malone collaborators Charlie Meadows on guitar, double bass player Nick Hoorweg and drummer James Hauptmann. Veronique Serret from the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Alexandra Mitchell from the Sydney Symphony are providing the violin accompaniment.   

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Along with an evocative instrumental score, the film 'Closed For Winter', starring Natalie Imbruglia, includes songs from the Malone album 'The Night Swimmer' (available on iTunes). 'Darling Heart' and, as you can hear on this movie preview, 'Warm In The Sun'; an acoustic number about missing someone you haven't seen for a while:

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An old-time waltzy number about forest creatures with a rock epilogue, please play loud:


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A steady-rolling, finger-picking folk tune with double, lap steel, nylon string and cajon. Inspired by nothing less than a simple morning walk, barefoot, to the sea.

Malone album available on iTunes

Malone album available on iTunes

   Malone EP available on iTunes

   Malone EP available on iTunes